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Catrine Bowling Club 2019


New Members


Catrine Bowling Club is keen to welcome new members and as a result we are running a number of promoitions. New members that have never previously bowled are entitled to join for £15 for the first year.

Price List

Full Membership - £60 per season

First Time Bowlers, 1st Year- £15 membership

Pensioner Memberships - £33 per season

Social Members - £10

Junior Members - £15

The membership fees do not include entry into club competitions which are charged at a further £2 per entry e.g. SBA Singles, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Andrew Hall, Silver Jack etc...entry into any or all of these competitions is optional.

Members enjoy full access to all of the club facilities and are entitled to put their name forward for team competitions where the club is represented.

Process For Entry

Application forms for new memberships can be picked up directly from the club or alternatively enquiries can be made via email or direct telephone call:

Phone: 01290 551660