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Catrine Bowling Club 2016


Catrine Bowling Club History

Although the club was established in 1872 and has an incredible history and heritage, there is no known written record of the club's birth and subsequent development - of the buildings and the people. There are however, a reasonable collection of precious photographs which capture some of the most notable moments.

The following pictures are currently encased in sealed frames and the quality and clarity on the site suffers as a result. At some stage, the uploaded images will be replaced by scanned images, rather than photographs of the photographs.


The earliest image available is of the old clubhouse and members gathered for the 1921 Jubilee Fete. - picture taken in Sept 1921.

Outside the old clubhouse in 1934 . The picture is distorted but you can still discern the incredibly formal dress code - makes today's dress code look like jailhouse jeans and vest tops. Big swingy bools and playing in a tux - that's when bowling was bowling.

Picture of the legendry Jock McAtee and partner J W Thompson with a picture of the trophy for the SBA Pairs 1948. Jock deserves his own section due to the astonishing worldwide success and recognition he achieved through his lifetime - more to follow.

The following picture of Jock is unfortunately not clear enough to show the details of his illustrious career at the highest level - hope to upload another image soon.

Onwards to the relative modernity of the Glasgow v Ayrshire 1951 tournament. Today's participants of this fixture will be shocked by the absence of pints of lager and whisky chasers. Also looks like a few lady members (albeit with aprons and kitchen garments) in the front row - standards slipping even back then.

Winners of the 1950 SBA (Scottish Champions) Pairs tournament. Fellow pictured on the right is my great grandfather - the last successful 'Winning' to hold the trophy. No record of 'William Elliot', drop the club a line if it's a known relative.

Smartly turned out winner of the 1955 Scottish Singles tournament - J Peden.

Roll call of the club's el presidentes...probably around 1976ish... can't buy wallpaper like that anymore. Hope to upload a clearer image of this one soon.

Baird Bowl Winners of 1983...still no colour for some reason.

Picture of the SBA Triples Winners of 1985 - Bert Fulton, Les Fowler and Jock McAtee Snr.


Winner of the Ayrshire Singles in 1988 - Peter Loy Jnr

Picture of the SBA Junior Pairs in 1989 - Craig Gardiner and John Fulton.


Members involved in the 125th anniversary of the club's inception - taken in 1997.

Celebrity lineup for the 125th anniversary of Catrine B.C competition...a few famous names on the right for the bowling anoraks.

Picture of a wallboard in the main hall containing a multitude of different club badges collected from social visits over the years - no timeline unfortunately.