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Catrine Bowling Club 2016


Photo Gallery

Picture of the original clubhouse - the club has plans to renovate the interior and convert it into a visitors locker room. The greenkeeper uses the recently built storage facility next to the old club house.

Picture of the 'newer' clubhouse with locker room to the left.

Shot capturing both the River Ayr and a section of the clubhouse - the view is down river with the next village along being Mauchline.

Shot of the surrounding trees and foliage on the bank of the River Ayr. The trees are easy on the eye but oft cursed when the midgies are grazing.

Part of the system of voes that run next to the bowling club. Now stocked with trout and also home to swans, signets and a paddling of ducks. The cob is just about visible to the centre left of the picture.

Slightly better view of the cob.

Close up of the River Ayr from the edge of the green. River at a low ebb.

Another section of the voes system, taken from the opposite side of the bowling green. The Glen Catrine Whisky Bond is located over the trees on the top left hand side of the picture - approximately 200 metres away.

Picture of the old walk bridge (now disused) which takes you past the Autistic Centre on the other side of the river. At the left edge of the picture you can see the replacement bridge which is mainly used by fishermen and walkers following the River Ayr WalkWay to/from Sorn.

Picture of the comittee room where all of the important discussions on climate change and the credit crunch take place.